Bamboushay Pottery has committed itself to a mission of quality and authenticity, offering a wide variety of ceramics in a unique Caribbean style.

Bamboushay is a traditional Virgin Islands dance to invoke good luck. This practice, dating back more than 150 years was associated with pit firing of ceramic vessels used for liquids and provisions. Generations later the tradition of creating beautiful and functional handmade goods continues.
As well as pieces laid out on our shelves, Bamboushay endeavors to engage our customers in the creation process. Custom design allows us to collaborate with the community in making exciting new art for homes, businesses and outside spaces.
Each individual piece has been formed from start to finish at our studio in Nanny Cay. On any given day browsing customers are welcomed into the studio where our artisans are throwing, molding and glazing pieces that will make their way onto our shelves. The natural world just outside of our open-air studio provides both inspiration and the tools to make our work. Many of our pieces are formed with the British Virgin Islands’ revered resources: leaves, coral and fibers leave their impressions on clay alongside sculpted creatures and pooling glaze.
The pottery at Bamboushay is stoneware, kiln fired at over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, making it strong, dense and impermeable. This durable nature allows our forms to be well-suited to both the tests of nature and everyday use.

Ceramic Lighting in a Variety of Styles

Our uniquely designed light sconces are our most popular products. These personally designed pieces can add the right touch to your lighting needs, as well as last you a lifetime. Perfect for outdoors, our ceramic fixtures provide a rust-free alternative that will weather any climate. If you are looking to make simple changes to add to your home or perhaps designing your dream dwelling, Bamboushay's artists can design the right pieces to add a bit of Caribbean style to your home.

Home Décor
Sink Basins, Home Accessories, and Vases

Beautiful both on their own or to complete the look of an interior set of sconces, we offer a wide range of home décor products in complementing styles and finishes. Here too we frequently create custom designs, ensuring that all pieces add to the warmth of your living spaces. From the distinct look of a countertop sink basin, the addition of a bedside lamp, or the statement of a artful vase at the center or your table, we're certain that the presence of our forms can add a personal identity to any home.


Plates, Bowls and Mugs

From traditional designs to Bamboushay signatures, there is a little something for everyone. All wares are finished with our stunning, food-safe glazes that reflect the oceanic and earthy colours found in the island environment. With the possibility of custom touches and a one-of-a-kind feel, few can argue the age-old appeal of dining from the forms crafted by the human hand. To add, you can still enjoy the conveniences of safely placing our wares directly in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven.


Bamboushay Ceramics and Local Fine Arts

Whether traveling abroad or returning home, we invite you to bring a gift of the islands back to your friends and loved ones. With a number of appropriately sized, easy-to-pack items, we pride ourselves in offering only locally made goods. To be sure, each piece is hand signed and stamped to indicate its handmade production at our Nanny Cay studio. For additional convenience, we also ship worldwide. Please inquire for details.